Travel Tips & Guidelines

Uganda travel tips & guidelines: Uganda is without doubt one of the leading travel destinations in Africa attracting thousands to millions of tourists all over the world who come to appreciate its natural endowment. Before visiting Uganda, there are a number of things you need to learn to make your Uganda safari enjoyable. These include visas, safety, health tips etc. Here we bring you the list of relevant travel tips and guidelines to guide you when planning a holiday to Uganda 2022/2023.

Visas & passports

Valid visas and passport are essential if you plan to visit Uganda. Visas and passport are without essentials for anyone planning to enter to Uganda for different reasons- leisure, business, event etc. Visas and passports should be valid 6 months from the date you are issued.

Visas requirements- to obtain Uganda visa, you can apply for it online- visit These are essential for visitors accessing Uganda via its airport or land borders- Elegu, Busia, Malaba etc. to complete the visa application form, you will need 2 passport size photos recently taken, valid yellow fever certificate, letter from applicant’s company in case you are traveling to Uganda for business etc.

Getting to Uganda

There are multiple ways for accessing Uganda but the main ones include flights to Entebbe International Airport. EBB is serviced by different international airlines including Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Uganda/Uganda Airlines, RwandAir etc. By road, Uganda is accessible through its land borders of Elegu, Malaba, Busia, etc.

When to visit Uganda

Uganda enjoy conducive climatic and weather conditions throughout the year making it an all year-round destination. The temperature range Uganda receives ranges from 21-30 degrees Celsius during day and 16-20 degrees Celsius at night. December to January are the hottest months of the year and March to May/September to November are undoubtedly the coolest/wettest months of the year.

June to September are favorite months of the year for gorilla trekking, hiking or mountain climbing, nature walks etc. The peak wet months of the year run from March to May and October to November.

What to carry

A complete Uganda safari requires wise packing. The required items not to miss on your packing list include valid visas, passports, long sleeved shirts, daypack, cameras, toiletries, snacks, hand sanitizers, insect repellent, sunscreen, gloves, trousers, rain jacket, pair of binoculars, extra camera batteries and many others.

What to wear

You need comfortable and light clothing for day trips due to warm temperatures and sweater during cold times. Waterproof jackets, gardening gloves, trousers, sun hat, sturdy and waterproof walking or hiking shoes or boots are ideal if you are visiting Uganda National Parks or traveling for game drives, gorilla safaris/gorilla trekking etc.

Hospitality facilities

Uganda is a complete destination and all its developed tourist sites have comfortable accommodation ranging from budget to luxury. You can have a night in a comfortable hotel, guesthouse, safari lodge or apartment.

Safety & security

Be cautious when traveling in the city- be mindful of the thieves and avoid displaying jewelries or any other valuable items. Keep safe your valuables and travel with cash which you can spend and avoid carrying bulky amounts. However, Uganda is still the safest and secure destination compared to most countries globally.

Uganda currency

Uganda uses Uganda Shilling and it still depends on cash for most transactions. But, USD is also acceptable including Pound Sterling, Euro as these are often used for most tourism transactions.


Tipping is not mandatory but many do it from their hearts. It is often practiced in bars, restaurants and hotels. How much you tip the driver, guide or hotel staff, all depends on you.

Getting around Uganda

Self-drive tours or driver guided safaris can be arranged in Uganda. Self-drive safaris offer more of adventure experiences for tourists who prefer privacy and discover Uganda on their own. For those of you not familiar with Uganda, the routes to the destinations, the best is to hire a car in Uganda and our professional driver.

If you plan to visit distant destinations such as Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks for gorilla trekking, fly in safaris can also be arranged or even if you are interested in wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park, located in far North-east of Uganda.