Is it safe to travel to Uganda and Rwanda?

Is it safe to travel to Uganda and Rwanda?

With COVID-19 still a global issue, insecurities and political unrests occurring in some African states and the world at large, one may wonder if it is really safe to travel to Uganda and Rwanda. But the fact is that, Uganda and Rwanda still rank as the safest and secure destinations in Africa.

Is it safe to travel to Uganda and Rwanda?

Yes, it is very safe to travel to Uganda and Rwanda even amidst corona virus. Tourists can enjoy their safaris in Uganda/Rwanda and return safely given the Covid-19 guidelines/Standard Operating Procedures in place.

For decades, peace and security has prevailed in Rwanda and Uganda making them not only the safest countries but also the most preferred safari destinations in Africa. In 2022, Rwanda was named Africa’s safest country for solo traveler and in the world, it was in the 6th position.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

Rwanda like Uganda is fully open to tourists to explore their natural wonders. In Uganda, visitors no longer need to carry out a mandatory coronavirus testing at Entebbe International Airport (EBB). However, passengers/travelers still need to be tested 72 hours prior their arrival or departure from Entebbe Airport.

Proof of negative COVID test result is still required if you are visiting Rwanda for gorilla safaris, business, wildlife safaris and more. A passenger locator form should be filed and then you upload your valid corona virus test certificate.

Social distancing (2 meters) is one of the useful measures both travelers and nationals must all observe whether it is in Uganda or Rwanda.

It is mandatory to wear facemasks especially for travelers with plans to explore Uganda gorillas or Rwanda gorillas. On actual gorilla trek, every gorilla trekker is required to wear a facemask covering the mouth and nose.

Regular hand washing/sanitizing is recommended for all travelers on Uganda safaris or Rwanda safaris. Carry an alcoholic sanitizer or make the best use of the available sanitizers at the different tourism facilities such as lodges or at the briefing points in the parks you are visiting in Uganda or Rwanda.

Terrorism & regional security

The government of the republic of Uganda and Rwanda is very vigilant and committed to ensuring peace and security continue to prevail in their respective countries. Both countries have active security forces working hand in hand to ensure safety of not only the citizens but also Ugandans/Rwandese.

Even at the tourist sites or national parks where most safaris are conducted, there is tight security. During gorilla trekking, golden monkey or chimpanzee tracking, visitors go enjoy their adventure with lead of an experienced and armed park ranger guide.

However, we advise all our clients to be vigilant at all times more so in crowded places or public areas such as transport hubs, bars, hotels, sporting events etc. Usually, these are the targeted areas by terrorists.

Essentially, Uganda Police Force regularly updates the public especially when there is big religious event to be conducted or if it is public holiday and being ground tour operator, we shall always have you updated with current matters concerning security and safety of your destination.

Safety & security

Uganda and Rwanda like the rest of the world do experience crime threats. Most of these crimes can easily be avoided if you are observant enough. Yes, Uganda and Rwanda are safe travel destinations, but be mindful of petty crimes like credit card fraud, robbery, petty theft and more. These often occur in busy cities/towns such as Kampala, Entebbe, Kigali etc.

Safety on the road

Compared to the rest of the world, Uganda’s and Rwanda’s roads aren’t of international standards. Driving in Uganda or Rwanda in your 4×4 tourist vehicle requires some keenness. Most of roads especially as you get to the national parks aren’t as developed as those in urban areas.

Also, when driving in Rwanda and Uganda always respect the traffic laws/regulations. Do not over speed, don’t drink and drive, don’t get distracted by devices such as phones, always be on your seat belt, read and understand the road signs etc are some of the guidelines you need to have at back of your mind.

Border safety- Uganda & Rwanda

The border between Uganda and Rwanda is now open to travelers. The Gatuna-Katuna border between Uganda and Rwanda is now fully open which marks the end of 3-year unfriendly relation between the 2 countries.